Does Rocktape really work?

Have you ever seen people wearing colored strapping tape on their knees or perhaps calf muscles.

It can be worn anywhere. Why do they wear it I hear you ask? What does it do or does it work?

Well, Yu Konishi of the Department of Physical Education, National Defence Academy Japan, had original research literature published in The Journal Of Science and Medicine in Sport that dealt with taping the quadriceps muscles about the knee.

His research concluded "...that tactile stimulation in the form of kinesiology tape inhibits the decline of both strength and electromyography."

It is suggested therefore that the use of stretchy tape may well increase stimulation around the knee and counter the loss of strength due to injury by increasing neural activity.

However, his study only used healthy individuals suggesting that the tape may be of no benefit to healthy sports people and maybe only be of some value to those retuning from injury.

It is worthy of note that the experiments were on healthy individuals who were subjected to prolonged vibration stimulation which can lead to muscle weakness attributable to attenuation of afferent nerve feedback.

In my Masters course we have to do a group research project and our group settled on looking at whether or not Rocktape helped cyclists improve their endurance thus ride further and faster.

I'll be posting the finished article on here when the results are in so stay tuned.

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