How to prevent hamstring injuries

Hamstring to prevent re injury?

Simple! Dont return to play until a week after a fully loaded training session. The biggest predictor for HS injury is previous HS injury. And in simple terms, too many athletes, professional or weekend warriors, return to play to soon. Remember a few simple things: PRICE.....Physio, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and no HARM.........Heat, alcohol, running or massage.

See a physio for a start and advice on recovery. Rest the injury until its severity has been determined, and get that assessment the same or better still, the next day.

Ice it!!! Initially 10 to 15 minutes every hour or so as a general rule.

Apply a compression bandage or similar if available. (care with overpressure).

No heat as you want to discourage too much inflammation, although it is a perfectly normal reaction to injury.

No running initially is true. There should be no running until walking is pain free.

And no massage as it may initiate bleeding in the wound again.

Recent research is indicating to stay away from anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) after the initial day or two as they inhibit the repair process. Once you can walk pain free, you can jog, but then only pain free.

Exercises to re strengthen the damaged hamstring muscle, particularly at end of range, is critical. There are numerous exercises to be undertaken in a graded format to strengthen the hamstrings. This is essential to the successful return to sport and remaining injury free.. Most of the exercises can be a part of a yoga session so not going to your yoga class due to hamstring injury is not an excuse!! But it is best to have the extent of the injury assessed early in the piece.

In some cases, the hamstring tendons can be avulsed (torn off), from the ischium or sitting bone.

Hamstring tears are pretty common injuries and if well managed, a return to injury free play is possible.

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