Just as smoking has been identified as a major contributor to reduced lifestyle, heart disease and many cancers, so “sitting” is now being identified as a significant contributor to illness across all members of the community.

It has been long known that people who sit for a living have low back pain. For example, think bus drivers, truck drivers, airline pilots, taxi drivers and even office workers. People working at the computer often develop neck pain and headache. This pain comes as a result of slumped posture that we slip into with prolonged sitting.

But neck and low back pain aren’t the only things those people who sit for long periods suffer. Like most of us, they also eat well, but due to sitting for long periods, they do not burn off the energy those with more active lifestyle burn off. So apart form pain from poor postures, becoming overweight and obese are very likely to result from a sedentary lifestyle. And what comes with being overweight and obese? Hypertension, heart disease and diabetes just to name three. Various cancers have also been implicated.

People shouldn’t find any comfort in being diagnosed with type two diabetes. Although it can be “controlled” with diet and exercise, the outcome in the long run is same. Possible amputation of toes and finger for starters!

So why else is sitting and sedentary lifestyle not good? Among other things, general strength declines and with that so does balance. Poor balance leads to falls and falls lead to fractures of the wrists or hips. It is very important that each of us limits the amount of time we sit at work or home watching the idiot box.

Get up and move.

Take every opportunity to walk further, use steps, whatever you can include into your daily routine, do it! Indeed, there a big move in many offices to remove traditional office desks and replace them with a work station where people can stand and use their computer, take telephone calls and generally complete office type work.

You must move. You will be the beneficiary!

And although exercise doesn’t fix everything, it’s a big help and goes a long way! Help yourself to a free of charge benefit to your own health and wellbeing. Make a commitment to exercise in anyway whenever you can: park a bit further from the shops and walk, use stairs, play with kids, any form of exercise is better than none. Your health and mobility is your responsibility. Do something!

Book in for a consultation or advice on the best exercise for you.

Is horse-riding the perfect compromise between sitting and exercising?

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